Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween on Vulcan: The 2000s

In 2009, Rubie's went Star Trek crazy!  They released a line of costumes for Star Trek XI and also a new line of TOS costumes.

In addition to the Vulcan ears we discussed last week, Rubie's released three different versions of the adult Spock costume.  A standard version, a deluxe version and a "Grand Heritage" version.  The latter is obviously the best of the three.  It features a separate undershirt while the first two are just dickies.  It also includes a plastic delta shield emblem rather than the embroidered one on the first two.  Rubie's also released a plus-sized version of this costume.

Rubie's also released three versions of the Spock costume for children: the standard version, deluxe and an "action set" that includes a quilted "wig" and a belt for prop attachments.  They also released a nifty baby romper.

For their TOS line, Rubie's created a new pattern than the one they used in the 90s.  This one is very form-fitting and rather than making a collar that sticks up slightly (like the actual uniforms) they created a collar that is more like a V-neck T-shirt.  Observant Vulcanologists will also note that the rank braids on these are simply the silver bands used on the Star Trek XI costumes and not the gold type that should appear on a TOS costume.

That brings us to the end of the offerings for Halloween on Vulcan (for now).  I hope you've enjoyed this series of posts and I hope you have a happy Halloween!  LLAP.

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