Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween on Vulcan: The 1960s

Today we head back to Star Trek's origins in the 1960s.  The very first commercial Spock costume was released in 1967 by Collegeville Costumes.  It seems to me that most of these plastic costumes from the 60s, 70s and 80s are just advertising for the show.  Rather than looking like the character you end up looking like the packaging!  This costume is pretty rare.  I've seen one or two on eBay in the past two years (that's where these images come from).

Though the costume may not be spectacular, I really like the mask.  It's possible to find these in fairly good condition without to much warping or tearing.  The likeness is quite good and I love that they included the blue eye shadow that is often omitted from Nimoy/Spock likenesses.

If you compare the top and bottom images you'll see the bottom one has a punched hole in the mouth where the top one does not.  Either the top one is there and hasn't been punched out or there was a second run of this costume which added the hole for better breathing.  I guess it would be bad to have kids suffocating to be Spock.

Watch for Halloween on Vulcan: The 1970s!

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