Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stone of Gol

The Stone of Gol is one of very few Vulcan props created and seen in Star Trek history.  It is almost the only one from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It appeared in the episode "Gambit, Part II."  Designed, as most hand props for the series were, by Rick Sternbach, the Stone of Gol was realized beautifully for the screen.
This image is of a Sternbach drawing from the book Star Trek: TNG The Continuing Mission

The prop is now owned by Forum member Anthony Sforza who graciously agreed to share some wonderful photos of it.  Anthony bought the Stone of Gol when it became available at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas many years ago.
The prop is designed in three pieces: the main body, the horn-shaped emitter and a pyramid.  All three are molded heavy resin and they attach to each other by means of magnets.
As described in the episode, the Stone of Gol is decorated with various Vulcan glyphs and symbols.  On the reverse, are the symbols for the Vulcan gods of war and death.  Between them is the IDIC, the symbol for peace and Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.
The Stone of Gol was an artifact left over from a tumultuous time on Vulcan before the Time of Awakening.  It was a psionic resonator which enabled its user to project the power of his mind as a weapon.  Following a Vulcan civil war, the resonator was disassembled and its pieces were strewn across the Alpha quadrant until members of a Vulcan isolationist movement hired a ship of mercenaries to locate the pieces.
The prop is named for the Plains of Gol where we saw Spock studying Kolinahr in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Another interesting connection in this episode is the return of Robin Curtis, who played Saavik in Star Trek III and IV, as the isolationist T'Paal.
"Gambit, Part II" also features an appearance of the Vulcan Minister of Security, Satok (Martin Goslins), who wears a costume adorned with the trinity of rata, tafar and tapan.  Finally, we also get a glimpse of some Vulcan script on a computer monitor.  All in all, the Stone of Gol is the star of an episode that gives us many tantalizing glimpses into Vulcan culture.
Thanks to Anthony for sharing this wonderful part of his collection!