Sunday, August 26, 2012

Colour Me Vulcan

For Star Trek's 20th anniversary in 1986, Simon & Schuster published four colouring and activity books.  I recently uncovered these as I was going through some of my treasures that have been packed away and felt they had to be shared!

The cover art is by Jeffrey Oh and the interior illustrations are by Paul Abrams.

I'm slightly puzzled by the drawing of Sarek.  The armour he's wearing is clearly patterned from Sarek's costume in Star Trek III but otherwise he looks nothing like him.  It seems odd they would use source material for only part of the image.

If anyone's in the mood for some colouring please do so and send me the scans to post!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soval's Ears at Prop Store

The Prop Store of London is selling a pair of ear prosthetics worn by Gary Graham as Soval on Star Trek: Enterprise.

While these are in pretty good condition, they're not worth the $745 asking price.  I've seen Leonard Nimoy ear prosthetics sell for less!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vulcan Rock at Prop Store

The Prop Store of London is selling a red Vulcan rock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  These are interesting pieces made of translucent red resin that has been carved off from a larger chunk to make it look like some kind of volcanic (or Vulcanic) glass-rock.

A miniature head made of the same material for the same scene was auctioned off by Profiles in History  some time ago.

I actually think the behind the scenes photos included in this lot are more valuable.  I haven't previously seen colour photos from the shooting of this scene in the tank at Paramount.

The lost is listed at $1769 which is ridiculous!  Half of that might still be on the high side.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vulcan Lyre on eBay

Earlier today, one of Dominick Giovanniello's replica Vulcan lyres was sold on eBay.  It went for $1000.00.

The high price is not surprising because only about 25 of these were produced before the company went out of business.  I discuss this replica in more depth in my previous post about Wah Chang and the Vulcan Lyre.