Saturday, July 20, 2013

Galaxy Pop Spock

As I posted yesterday, has been adding lots of new exclusive merchandise to their shop this summer.  One of the new categories is called "Galaxy Pop."  It features artwork inspired by the Gold Key Star Trek comics of yesteryear.  Products include mugs, T-Shirts, hoodies, iPad covers and more!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tokyo Invasion Supokku!

This summer, has quietly been adding a lot of exclusive merchandise to their shop.  They've added a slew of products under the "Tokyo Invasion" heading.  These include pop Japanese inspired designs for the original Star Trek crew on products that range from iPad and iPhone cases to T-shirts, hoodies and mugs.  There are two designs of interest to Vulcanologists: Spock and Nerve Pinch. Here's a small selection of the products to give you an idea:

Who knew Spock translated to Supokku in Japanese?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Pon Farr Perfume

Back in 2010, Genki Wear introduced a line of Star Trek fragrances including one called Pon Farr.  A new licensee called Palm Beach Beauté is now creating Trek fragrances with the same names as the originals.

The new description for Pon Farr:

Pon Farr Eau de Parfum for women is a refreshing fragrance that is both invigorating and dramatic. Pon Farr is perfect for those bright sunny days and warm summer nights spent together at the beach, around the fire or simply watching your favorite affaire d’honneur. 

Light, clean top notes of Juicy Nectarine, White Violet, Tropical Orchid, with mid and base notes of Mirabelle Plum, Egyptian Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Musk. A fragrance that is sharp and aggressive, simple yet exotic. 
In keeping with the futuristic aesthetic that is the signature of STAR TREK™, the PON FARR fragrance is contained in its own distinctive purple gradient glass bottle with a sharply defined clear cap. The outer packaging is luminous Mylar foil in metallic shades of purple and silver.
3.0 FL. OZ., 90 ml

The original Genki bottle featured a more Vulcan-looking design including an IDIC.  This bottle is clearly designed to capture a broader Star Trek audience. It can be purchased in the Star Shop.