Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vulcan Technician Wrist Cuffs

I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy any more props or costumes but when these came up for sale at a great price I couldn't help myself!
These wrist cuffs were worn by the Vulcan technicians who worked on the stolen Bird of Prey in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  It's a Wrap! sold several pairs of these both individually and with complete technician costumes. I purchased these ones from Martin Netter who bought most of the Trek warehouse at the end of the sales.
As you can see from these images, the cuffs are barely seen at all in the finished film.  I'm incredibly impressed at the amount of work that went into them for so little screen time.  They are made of leather and the underside is lined with a softer leather.  They each have two sets of snaps to accommodate various sized wrists and they feature resin "jewels" with a painted on symbol. There is absolutely no damage or wear to mine.  As usual, the Star Trek costume department paid a fantastic amount of attention to detail.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Propworx Star Trek Auction II

This weekend, Propworx held their second Star Trek auction.  This event was all Online and there was a little less fanfare than there was for the first one in Las Vegas.  Nevertheless, it can be said it was a huge success.  Most of the items sold for at least their estimated price and few were passed over.
There were a few items of interest to fellow Vulcanologists.  A resin life cast of Leonard Nimoy sold for $500.
 A large IDIC sign from Deep Space Nine sold for $550.
The item I was most excited about came from the collection of Michael and Denise Okuda.  It's a "doorbell" that was used in the set for the home of T'Pol's mother in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Home."  I love how the design reflects the shape of the Vulcan gong that was introduced in "Amok Time."  The whole piece is just really pleasing to look at.  It sold for $900!
Another unique item that sold for $100 was a foam core pre-production model of the Vulcan ships seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation "Unification."  I've previously written about Rick Sternbach's design and actual model of the ship here.