Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leonard Nimoy's Recent Surgery

This weekend was to have been a busy one for Leonard Nimoy.  He was scheduled to appear at a Creation Star Trek convention in Chicago, at "An Evening with Leonard Nimoy" in Long Beach and at an exhibit of his photography at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.  That kind of schedule would be difficult for anyone to work with let alone a man of 79.

On Friday morning a press release indicated that Nimoy was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  All of his appearances were cancelled or postponed and his representatives circulated this brief statement:

"Mr. Nimoy had minor benign abdominal surgery 
but is recovering beautifully. He thanks you for all the 
get well wishes and he’s doing great."
I wish Mr. Nimoy a speedy recovery!  Live long and Prosper, Leonard.

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