Friday, June 16, 2017

Vulcans in Plastic: Unmade Playmates Designs

eBay user kateunc2 has listed some interesting artwork. They say it was obtained from a Playmates employee.  The artwork is for Star Trek (2009) action figures and ship toys that were never produced. Several of the pieces are Vulcan-related so I'm sharing them here as Vulcans that didn't quite make it to plastic!

This first figure is Spock as he was dressed when he appeared before the Vulcan Science Academy.

I'm not sure about this next one. It seems to represent Spock in his dress uniform from TOS but the reference photo is clearly of Zachary Quinto from the Kelvin Universe.  Does it represent a scene that was conceived for the movie but ultimately cut before filming?

I love this next one! Spock Prime's parka was one of my favourite costumes in Star Trek (2009) and I would loved to add this figure to my collection.

I also quite like this Young Spock design. It's not quite the costume we saw in the final film so perhaps it's based on an earlier design.

I don't care much for these Starfleet Defender designs.

Here's some art for Spock's Jellyfish Ship.

I previously wrote about the Star Trek 2009 figures including an unproduced second wave that would have included Sarek and Spock in his Starfleet Academy Instructor's uniform.  I would guess that the above designs never made it as far as prototypes because I've never seen photos of them like I have of the second wave figures.

It was recently announced that McFarlane Toys picked up the license for Star Trek figures. I'll be interested to see what they come up and whether they might do a Spock Prime in his parka figure!

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