Friday, June 2, 2017

Roddenberry Vault: The Animated Series

In today's installment of the Roddenberry Vault review we look at images from Star Trek: The Animated Series (which I've covered in detail here).  First up is a painted cel featuring Spock's model sheet pose.

Here are a couple of drawings showing Spock's head at different degrees of turning. These also show the different scale for closeups and long shots.

Here's a painted cel of Spock. The episode details are cut off at the bottom.

Next up is some art featuring the design of the tricorder and demonstrating how Spock would wear it.  I have a nice clean copy of this art in my collection which I've covered here.

Here's some art featuring Aleek-Om and a young Spock.

This art would become one of the most iconic images of TAS.  It features I-Chaya and a ferocious le-matya.

Finally, here's a sweet drawing of young Spock and his friend, I-Chaya.

In the next installment we'll look at images from the TOS movies.

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