Thursday, March 22, 2012

Star Trek Quogs

Early in 2009 CBS created a new animated Star Trek style which they called "Quogs."  Several products were launched in close succession beginning with GoAnimate's Star Trek Quogs Channel where anyone can create their own animated films using the Star Trek characters.

Here's a brief example I created:
Mission to Vulcan: Part One

There are two characters of interest to Vulcanologists: Mr. Spock and a Romulan.

Following the trend of large scale reusable wall stickers that have become popular in the last few years, LTL Prints has a large selection of Quogs wall stickers available.

Funko also released a series of five inch vinyl Quogs figures including Spock, Kirk and an Orion Slave Girl.

Last, but not least, Armitron released a few Star Trek Quogs wristwatches including this one featuring our favourite Vulcan.

I quite like the stylized design of the Quogs characters.  It seems a logical next step after the original animated series.  I think CBS should have done more to promote them.  I wish that they had also created a new animated series, even if it were just web-based.  I'd also love to have that Romulan as a Funko figure in my collection!

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