Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review: For the Love of Spock

Today at 5pm I'll be live Tweeting For the Love of Spock.

"I may not be the fastest, I may not be the tallest or the strongest, I may not be the best or the brightest but one thing I can do better than anyone else is be me."

The film opens with an interviewer quoting from one of Leonard Nimoy's poems. It's a perfect way to begin a film about a man who was so unique.

The documentary was originally intended to be about Spock and his impact on our culture.  After Leonard Nimoy passed away, Adam Nimoy realized the film would also have to talk about Leonard Nimoy's life and impact.  It made sense to then include something of Adam's story as well.  The result is a wonderful tribute to Leonard Nimoy and the Spock character.

The film takes us through Nimoy's early acting career including some great clips of his performances, including one from Gene Roddenberry's The Lieutenant which also features Majel Barrett.  The film then moves into the Star Trek years and makes great use of HD clips from TOS to remind the audience of some of Spock's most memorable moments and Leonard Nimoy's contributions to the series.  It recounts the stories of how the Vulcan nerve pinch and salute were created.

Adam and Julie Nimoy recall how their father was very present in their early lives but how his work ethic in the early 60s and during Star Trek made him less available to them.  The difficult tensions between Adam and his father provide a thread through the film that is resolved near the end when Leonard started "majoring in family and minoring in career" rather than the other way around.

This film is a highly enjoyable two hour journey into the life of a man I have idolized, studied and been entertained by since I was a child.  I thank Adam and Julie Nimoy for sharing their stories with us and giving Star Trek fans the opportunity to know both Spock and Leonard Nimoy a little better.  I highly recommend it.

For the Love of Spock is available in theatres worldwide and with behind the scenes extras on We are Colony.

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