Friday, August 20, 2010

Wah Chang and the Vulcan Lyre

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  1. I own one of these vulcan harps!!! my family inherited it after a cousin (and avid star trek collector)died in a car accident.I fell in love with the piece and have kept it for years, but had no idea how rare it was. It is numbered and has the signature and original silver creative guitar studios sticker on the back. I tried to research it a couple of years ago but couldn't find much info. Thanks sooo much for the interesting facts included in this piece!

  2. I have one as well Does anybody have an idea of the value??

  3. Please see this:
    I have been trying to contact Mr. Pringle to know the characteristics of this instrument, both technical and legal (licenses...) but his website is inactive, no mail, no facebook, he does not answer to the comments in youtube. I got a phone number which until now does not answer. According to Wikipedia, he lives in Montreal. I am in Chile. You are closer :-). Risking to sound like Sybok, would you like to join my quest? I have a whole plan. Thanks.

  4. I have seen Mr. Pringle's videos but, unfortunately, I have no way of contacting him. Sorry!

    1. I like to think there are always possibilities... (to be continued)

  5. There is a way in which you could actually help, but I do not want to publish here personal information that could or could not belong to Mr. Pringle. Is there a way to contact you privately? All attempts to do it through Outlook mail have failed. I am serious about this, so here goes some information about me: Thanks.

  6. O.K., full disclosure. Of course, I wish to put my hand on a ka'athyra and pluck from it a decent "Row your boat", but my ambitions go far beyond that. I wish that anybody, from professional musician to collector can do the same. I know it would not be as popular as guitars, but, there is a shakuhachi society in Australia....
    That's why I am trying to contact Mr. Pringle. He can say whether this instrument is useful or not. Scale, full tone range, whole size and weight with extras included, any problems he has encountered. Wah Ming Chang was not a luthier. Mainly, who designed and built the one he plays? I can go on making questions, writing to musical instruments companies, etc., but I do not wish to leave behind someone's rights. We are talking about patents, rights, licenses here.
    As you are thousands of miles closer to Mr. Pringle than me, you could help. That is all. If you wish to participate for a possibility of making Wah Ming Chang's fantasy into musical reality, please contact me through LinkedIn or Facebook. Thanks.